ZANKER’S FARM is a family owned & operated organic farm near Shepparton, Victoria.

We are a farm focused on HEALING the land through regenerative practises. Our focus is to give our animals access to fresh pasture daily. The animals, with planned management, help us build soil, fertilise our pastures, improve water filtration and increase the diversity of our pastures.

The flavour & quality of our produce is distinctly better than everyday food from the supermarket.

Our priority is to produce nutrient dense food from our family to yours. We believe that healthy food begins with healthy soil. This is the reason for following regenerative farming principles.

A regenerative farming educator named Steve Kenyon recently stated, “I have found that the less I do in agriculture, the more our ecosystems respond in a positive manner. If we try to manipulate the land to do what we want, the more damage we do. My plan is to just back off and let nature build back the biodiversity.”

We are finding this to be true on our property here. By leaving the carbon to do its job in the soil, we are seeing visual improvements every year.

At Zanker’s Farm, we all have our daily chores to keep the farm running, like milking a small herd of cows, raising young chicks, managing the grazing of the beef & dairy cows, feeding the laying chickens and collecting the eggs. For the labour intensive parts of our garlic harvest, “many hands make light work” and we encourage some extra friends to enjoy the sunshine and dirt while helping out.

As parents, we encourage our sons to have their own micro businesses. Our eldest son, Aiden, is in charge of the cattle grazing & helps with planting the mixed cereal/legume crops. Our middle son, Jacob, manages the breeding and growing of the pigs. Our youngest son, Kyle, manages the breeding of ducks for producing duck eggs, both fertile and for eating.



You can order from our online shop at anytime and come to the farm to collect your order.

We are open MON-SAT 10am-4pm & SUN 1pm-4pm


We offer home delivery to customers every Wednesday & Sunday to Shepparton and Mooroopna.

Every Thursday for Numurkah.

This is a great option if you need contactless interaction.


We work hard to provide nutrient dense food to our customers in this area. Our meat is raised in a way that’s environmentally sustainable, uses low stress management, is humane and naturally healthy.

When you order from us, you are helping a small family business and our region.

-The Zanker Family-

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