We run our cows in 2 herds. The group in the above photo are the dry breeding cows and young offspring, that are slowly growing to mature size. We do not feed any of our cows grain during their life on our farm. An important fact about 100% pasture fed cows, is the high amount of omega 3 found in their meat compared to grain fed/finished cows.

Holistic managed grazing is used with both of our herds. Every day they are shifted to a fresh area of pasture. Once this area is grazed, it is rested for recovery & regrowth for varied lengths of time. We do not give any medications or vaccinations to the cows for their entire life. They are offered natural supplements as needed, like seaweed meal and apple cider vinegar.

We use a beef bull over the dairy cows to produce a great cross bred calf. The ‘calf at foot’ system is used when raising the calves, giving them a healthy start in their life. The calves are left with their mummas for at least 4 months. Once they are weaned, they join the beef group to grow out.

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