Approximately 3,000 laying hens are rotated around our 440 acre property as part of our regenerative management system. The cages are shifted daily to get a balance of positive improvements with the pastures and to minimise disease and over-grazing. You would be amazed at how much grass a group this size can consume in a day!

The chickens are fed a wet mash in the evening consisting of organic grain, bran & fresh milk. We milk a small herd of cows in the mornings and use this milk to soak with the grain.

We have 3 Maremma guard dogs that live with the chickens, protecting them from ground and aerial predators.

Our youngest son, Kyle, breeds and manages a small group of khaki campbell ducks for egg production. They are fed on a mixed laying grain ration and given access to pasture in the daylight hours. Their cage is shifted daily also, to spread the manure around the paddocks like the chickens.

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