We have been growing certified biodynamic garlic since 2008. We purchased an established business on the Mid North Coast of NSW and learnt the skills required to grow this crop at field days on other farms when we started.

We grow 2 varieties here on our farm in Victoria now; the Italian striped purple variety & the Elephant (Giant Russian) variety.

Black Garlic

We have recently been trialing how to make a product called Black Garlic.

It is made by using the Maillard process and takes approx 3 weeks for the finished product to be packaged into jars.

The black garlic has a sweet-meets-savoury flavour. It is a great condiment to add to any meat, eggs or cheeses. It can also be added toward the end when making soups and casseroles.

The health benefits are higher than raw garlic. Black garlic is rich in antioxidants providing immune support. There is also documentation of improved heart & digestive health, as well as the ability to reduce inflammation, if consumed on a regular basis.

Many Asian cultures have included this product in their cooking for decades, especially the Japanese.

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